Sam Gedert has worked in IT and with associations for years. His career started at the Ohio Statehouse as Director of Information Technology for the Ohio Senate.

After leaving the Senate, Sam started several different companies that provided a variety of technical services to political campaigns, lobbyists, trade associations, and the United States Congress.

In 2016, Sam sold all his other companies to employees and began devoting all of his time and energy to Capitol Contender and a social enterprise called Ladder Factory.. Currently, Sam handles all the software development and consulting services.

“With the other companies, I was getting too far removed from the customers. Though I love programming, at my core, I’m a people person. So what I get to do with Capitol Contender is really my dream job. Plus I get to work with my dream girl: my wife, Beth.”

Beth Gedert, Project Manager
As Project Manager, Beth ensures projects stay on track and are delivered on time. Much more than just scheduling meetings, Beth focuses on clarity of communication. In the world of custom software development, it isn’t always easy to understand exactly what a customer is looking for.

“Many times, our customers will ask for a specific feature when in fact they really want to solve a specific business problem regardless of how it happens. That’s where I come in.”

Because of Beth’s years of experience working in a variety of customer relationship management systems and other platforms, she also helps Sam to work through interface design issues.

In addition to being project manager for Capitol Contender, Beth is also the pastor of Zion United Church of Christ in Delaware, Ohio